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Hi Celticnoodle. Looking back now, I definitely did experience a strange occurance shortly after purchasing my moldavite ring. I was lying on the couch in between being half awake and half sleep when I felt a buzzing sensation throughout my body. I also heard an extremely loud roaring that seemed to fill the room, almost like a jet engine. During this time I remember uttering the words " I hear you". Have no clue who or what I was hearing exactly. I never put the two together until just now.

I definitely need to invest in some citrine for my finances asap. I always wondered if it made a difference if it was a natural citrine as most of them are heat treated amethyst. But who am I to question it, if it works, it works. Had I worked in a jewelry store, I would be like a kid in a candy shop. Lol. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my post and that I found a place to share all of my many left field interest.

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love it! I have to ask though, did you feel any problems with it at first? I have heard (here and elsewhere) of so many people, myself included, having such physical issues with the moldavite at first and having to *build* ourselves up to being in its area.

Wow! you seem to have great luck w/crystals!
Perhaps you need to go buy some citrine--(for financial luck!) that is SOOO cool!!!

wow! what luck you DEFINITELY have with crystals!

you and me both! I once worked for a well known jewelry store. worked htere for years. I have the jewelry to show it too! Now, I hardly ever wear any of it. or much of it. I think I have this crystal already tbh. however, I will be buying more too! Visiting my friend who owns a new age shop--and I always buy things from her when there. usually crystals. very cool!

I have to say, you are a very interesting lady, Indygoflame. I enjoy all the posts by you that I've found so far!
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