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Growing up I was obsessed with the middle ages. And not the way that most children are, with royalty and knights and castles - we're talking reading academic analysis of passion plays by the time I was in grade six (it helped that I had a university-level reading comprehension), and teaching myself calligraphy in an attempt to re-create illuminated texts. I still consider the Major Arcana, particularly in TdM decks, as primarily a passion play.

By grade seven I had exhausted my studies since I wasn't up to learning latin and I'd read all of the available resources, so I moved on to the renaissance. One of the first things that I learned about was the Medici family - and how a deck of cards was created to celebrate a wedding. And lo and behold you could still buy a copy of that deck! I desperately wanted it because I was now obsessed with the period and the idea of owning something (even a reproduction) from that period was mind-blowing to a lost thirteen year old in North America, with little hope of getting to see these marvelous things in person.

I read that you could read them similarly to playing cards, so I taught myself how to read playing cards while I let my parents (and their friends) know that I really wanted a Tarot deck. One of their well-meaning friends (she was wiccan) gave me the RWS at 14 explaining that it was the best deck for beginners (I never got allowance and I didn't know where to buy a deck so I didn't know how to ask for one) and, since it was what I had, it's what I learned. It never clicked with me, as I desperately wanted the VS.

I still dream of going to Germany to see the passion play in person.
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