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Originally Posted by Penthasilia View Post
Thoth- for so many reasons.

It was my first tarot deck, the 1986 AGM blue box, and I was taken away and have been in love with tarot since.

The beauty- I don't think there is much that can compare- some of the new re-boots are amazing, don't get me wrong. But there is something about the Thoth that will always be timeless.

As much as I love the TdM and other historical decks- the Thoth will woo you like no other.

So- yes, the Thoth would be my vote.
I recently got the current purple box and was dissappointed with the cardstock, but I saw a Norwegian site sells the old blue box.. it says something for the tarot market in Norway, it's not very busy is it?

For my suggested deck I will have to also go with the Centennial. I don't have much to say about it other than I love Pixie and her art, and the deck just makes me feel very good and fuzzy inside. The colours are soft on the eyes and the lines clean. If you want a RWS deck this is the edition I would recommend if you only were to get 1.
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