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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
The Star is associated with Aquarius - and Aquarius sees into the future. If there will ever be Utopia, Aquariuses will have brought it about. Something of the power of the visionary shines in the Star. This belief that the future can bring good things, that we have to make our efforts for that (that's the Aquarian contribution) and that we have to be unshakeably hopeful (that's the message from the Star).

The stars, the universe give us perspective on ourselves. The same stars shone on our ancestors in the stone age, and we can rely on them to show up in the same constellations centuries from now. Within this huge perspective, we have our small lives to get on with, and to do as best as we can, for ourselves but also humankind.

For me, the Star often appears when I need to see the bigger picture, think bigger and detach myself from the day-to-day needs and troubles.
I like that a lot. It is what I got hung up on with the star. I boiled it down to being hopeful or needing to be hopeful, and that was it for me. The star is a dreamy card, and I guess you are right that my examples were of things that were more about being spiritually fulfilled than anything else. So taking a mind trip away from the daily grind is definitely in that card.
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