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Ok,well done,now I am crying.This is too sad,too final I'm going to miss this place...

The touchstone tarot by Kat Black,this is a deck that wouldn't of been without some kind person on here who funded it privately,I'd love to have known who so I could of thanked them.Its a magnificent deck.Detailed and full of depth.It really speaks to me.I love how everyone is looking out of the cards,just like they're going to say something.Its a magical deck.
Ok,Since most people said three (which is so AT whenever asked about favourite decks and has always made me smile cause glad its not just me ) I'm adding two more-bohemian gothic 3rd edition,its just awesome,and magical.
My third one is silver era tarot by Aunia Kahn and Russell J.Moon,its classy and detailed,with black and white images with just a teeny splash of colour added in each card,and I never see this one mentioned so thought I'd get it some attention.
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