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Originally Posted by Maru View Post
Sitters aren't always the most objective though. Can't count the amount of people who used to get readings, that were highlt detailed, confirmed to br accurate.. in one venue and then 15 minutes later would be in another venue, with slightly reworded question seeking another answer. It's made me somewhat cynical of some aspects of doing readings (especially online). There is a lot of self-deception in this field.

Tbh, there are a lot of cases where you will really never know how hard something will land. It's not an exact science. I kinda figure with interpretting cards, much like when you receive a reading from someone else, the best thing you can do is let it sit and meditate on it. Some people expect an instantaneous exhilaration... it's ideal but not all clarity come easily I guess.

I can understand to that extent why headinclouds would want to stick to a more rigid system... there are a lot of "wandering" that happens sometimes with readings... but I think objectivity is a constant battle no matter which method is used.
If we throw out a sitters receptivity to a reading then whether or not we use by the book meanings is irrelevant as the issue isn't how we interpret but rather how the sitter receives the message.

It's our job as a reader to give people the clearest message that we can. It's not, however, our job to convince them that the reading is the end all, be all of everything. Personally when I do professional readings, I rather actively insist that my sitters take my message with a grain of salt and openly ask them to question things because readings should only be seen as a tool for guidance and advice and not a definitive absolute.

When we sit and say that there's a right and wrong way to read the cards, we're in many ways putting ourselves in a position of authority which I think is both dangerous and irresponsible. It's cool if some people are okay with it but I'm not comfortable standing and saying that I know the definitive answer of every question and every reading that I provide will stand in absolute truth. I'm still a human being and while I'd like to think both my intuitive skills and my deduction skills are flawless, that's not the case.

Allowing for flexibility relieves a lot of tension and pressure on both the reader AND the sitter, and I don't see why that's a bad thing.
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