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Originally Posted by obeygravity View Post
Sorry but I just feel like a lot of this concept is somewhat fallacious, if only because it's putting a confusing burden of authority on a deck that was created ages ago and to assume that any other interpretations outside of that singular person's would create inaccurate results is... Well. That's kind of putting RWS on a God level and that's not something that I think I'd be able to wrap my head around.
Perhaps it's more a case of if I said black you'd say white. I don't see it as burdensome for a deck if we read the images via the system they were based on ages ago. Does the universal flow change then? Certainly not to my understanding, dynamics where the same ages ago as they are now, that's why the cards work imho. I'm not saying that RWS is on a GOD level any more than any other system is on a GOD level but I do acknowledge that I don't have a full understanding of any one system and it's outside of my authority to change it up. I am a student, not on a GOD level and never will be.

Tarot is a tool. It serves no function whatsoever outside of people using it to interpret whatever messages they're able to pull from the cards.
Good luck with that.
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