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Originally Posted by DJP View Post
These are good points. But I still think that, no matter how you read, you ARE using the Tarot system if you're using the full pack of cards. The very structure of the deck seems to have something to it. And again, the imagery is often very evocative of the card's traditional meaning.
We differ here, I don't see the tarot system as a pack of cards that can be separated from the base knowledge that supports and makes up the system in it's entirety and I don't think that knowledge is available to us by staring at the cards alone, although you may well get some psychic info if you're simply using them as a tool in the same manner as tea leaves for example.

Also, you get some people that say, if you're not using trad. Marseille decks, then you're disregarding the evolutionary wisdom of the Tarot imagery. But this is too purist an approach for me.
I can't see how the particular deck and system you choose to read through would negate others, imho they all lead to the same place once mastered much like religions.
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