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Originally Posted by obeygravity View Post
I'm sorry but what dynamics are you referring to? Are you talking about the dynamics of how the world functions? How people's lives interact and intersect? Because while some things remain consistent, I can guarantee that there are many dynamics that no longer remain the same

Anyway, it feels like a lot of this discussion is pointless since there's so much heavy emphasis on appealing to tarot as an authority which is not a concept I can ever concede to. To assume that a system made by a person cannot possibly be or hold any gaps to the point that anyone else providing their own interpretation to it would inherently be at fault is a fallacious idea.

Also thank you but I don't need luck

As Gregory says, I'd say they'd be reading it in their own way. Many decks hold imagery that is pretty blunt and easy to pick up on that still falls in line with the original card meanings. What if this person is able to intuitively home on those rote interpretations. Would their reading still be invalid from your perspective because they didn't pick up a book first?

This is a form of gate keeping that's outright set up to keep anyone who doesn't perform to your perceived standard as invalid. How is that acceptable? Who made you an authority on this subject?

It's clear that this boils down to a differing of opinions on what role tarot actually plays and what it is. If you think that tarot is by default perfect and people are imperfect then yet I can see how you would be puzzled by this.

But I'm of the mind that it's a tool and that's that. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a tool that can be used to pull a message from some divine source (if you believe that) or to help pull a message from your own subconscious if you're struggling to access it. But either way, it's a tool to be used. If you're still able to get that very accurate and relevant message then who cares if you're using a purist methodology and learning? What's important at the end of the day is that the message is received and passed on. Anything past that is trying to create something that is not - giving tarot divine authority when it is something that was still, at the end of the day, made by a flawed human being.

I'm pretty indifferent as to whether you understand me or not, and how you view the tarot is up to you, follow your own way and what others think will simply bounce off rather than offend, there's no need to try and reform people into your way of thinking simply walk on by.
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