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For me it is probably still the Liber T - I have had such a love affair with this deck for so long. I have 3 copies, one that has all my notes and keywords written on it, the first time I've ever written on a deck, and then my working deck and then a spare. But when I bought the deck first in 2005, I think, I hated it on sight and then proceeded to post about my dislike, and also traded the deck on. Fast forward a couple of years and I get another Liber T and I loved this deck to bits so had to go back and put little edits in my original posts.

And also the Baba decks - Victorian Romantic Gold and the standard deck, Tarot of Prague and then the Bohemian Gothic - all very special feeling decks that I wouldn't have bought if I hadn't have seen them and followed the threads on here.

Infact thinking about it, it's AT's fault that I ended up with so many decks .
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