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Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
Although I commend the Cartomancy forum for expanding its offering with an esoteric section, I still feel an exclusively Thoth section is important, and some of the other forums have done. An esoteric section would combine the Kabballah and Golden Dawn sections of this forum, which is good, but still doesn't have the scope a full Thoth forum has.
Okay, so while my original vote was (I think) for TT&M, that's neither here nor there. It's a time of flux and everything is changing a hell of a lot in short spaces of time. Tarotsphere has been very accommodating and I've been impressed with Holly's tech savvy - far superior to my own (though that does leave a lot of room). She's installed a Thoth subforum within Tarot Studies, which in turn has Golden Dawn, Kabbalah and Alphabets, and Other Esoteric Studies as sub-sub-fora. I pointed out to her the importance of having these distinctions at the outset so that the moderator/s could avoid having to sort through the discussions at a later date if it were decided to divide things up then.

This morning I also messaged her offering to be the moderator for the Thoth forum. This offer seems to have been well-received though nothing is set in stone yet. Always Wondering, I'm hoping that this news is happy-making for you xx
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