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For folks who've been unable to retrieve posts made from over 1 year ago and/or have made over 1000 posts:

Originally Posted by rwcarter
Searches are limited to 1000 results and you have more than 1000 posts, so.... The only other way to do it is to do an advanced search in specific forums for your posts and show the results as posts instead of threads. You'll have better luck finding it that way.

**** ...So, give this a try: ****

Originally Posted by Trogon
1) Go to the forum's main page.

2) Click "Search" in the blue menu bar and select "Advanced Search".

3) Type your user name in the "Search by User Name" block and set the option to "Find threads started by user". Or if you feel you may have posted in an existing thread, set it to "Find posts by user".

4) Under "Search Options" set "Find Posts from" to A Year Ago and the next button to "And Older"

5) Also under "Search Options" set "Sort Results by" to "Thread starting date" and "ascending order".

6) Set "Search in forums" to only 1 forum (such as "Talking Tarot").

This all limits the number of posts that are found. You may have to do a few searches to find your very first post, but it should work for you.

Cheers and good luck.
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