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I found the website for the tarot figures first, and then came over here to see what other people were saying.

I was very slightly tempted to start collecting them, but a) I'm not a huge fan of the RWS deck, although a lot of mine are RWS based, so having a series of figures from a deck I don't own and don't particularly enjoy made no sense, b) there's no way I'd be able to paint them to the sort of standard I'd like them to look, although I have enough Warhammer friends who I could probably persuade to do it for me, and c) it's a lot of money, even when spread out over a period of time.

Having done the High Priestess and the Magician, with the Tower 'created out of sequence as an initial comparison of a “non-character” figure (such as the Wheel) against the character figures (such as the Hanged Man)', the makers are now going on to design the rest of the Majors in order. So I think what I'm going to do is wait until my three favourite Majors have been made (Moon, Death, Star), see what they look like, only buy if I like that look, and get a friend to paint them for me.
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