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Dear PathWalker,

Thank you for this final post. I, too, have not completed my very slow journey through the Hallowquest (in the past year or two, it's been reduced to close study of less than 10 cards.) I cross-reference all three books I have every time I do close study of a card in this deck, and it does take time and effort.

You've been a very inspiring guide for me and others on this journey.

I hope you will consider continuing a similar study group with me on another forum such as .

Very best to you and to all my fellow seekers on the quest.


Originally Posted by PathWalker View Post
It seems that my very slow journey through the Hallowquest will not be completed on AT after all, as the forum is to close to active traffic in two weeks time.

So I'm posting here as an encouragement to anyone who reads this and the other Hallowquest threads. I've been working with this deck, and the Hallowquest course material for over six years(!) and still haven't finished. Sometimes I work several lessons in short succession, sometimes I have struggled to complete one lesson in six months. But it never matters - it is each small step on the continuing journey which both inspires and teaches us, and it never ends.

So don't be afraid to begin the journey, or to pick it up again when you've been away for a long time. Take heart that others HAVE walked the path before you, and still travel it now, and take a step with an open heart ...

Blessed Be
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