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Lightbulb thoughts...


i've been playing around with your astro/psyche spread. as i tend to see things in terms of triad and triangles-- which is what makes the symbolon so appealing to me-- the following layout for this reading occurred to me. (you make mention of six cards, but no pattern...)

triangle apex up--
left bottom-- the moon sign
right bottom-- the sun sign
apex-- the ascendent

triangle apex down--
left top-- card 4
right top-- card 5
apex-- card 6

make a star of solomon with these two.

merri-- notice the beauty of the pattern...

card 4 lies just outside the line between 1 & 2; card 4 is the synthesis of 1 & 2

card 5 lies just outside the line between 2 & 3; card 5 is the synthesis of 2 & 3

card 6 lies just outside the line between 1 & 3; card 6 is the synthesis of... yes, you guessed it!!... 1 & 3

as to reading the meaning of the cards:

you eventually put the book away for tarot; why should this be any different??

this is a fabulous spread you've discovered (or perhaps it's been re-membered?? )

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