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Thumbs up The Rising Star!!!

I Love it!!!'re a GENIUS Steve!!!

Oh Wow! Yes, I can definitely see the beauty of this layout ..and how it really really works. It's like it was meant to be! (and it makes sense of me feeling the middle card really should have been card no.3 instead of no.2).

Oh Wow! ..I've been thinking of "The Star" all day aswell, ..ever since reading Diana's star card thread ...I've been thinking about what it means to me ..and then I come here and find you've turned my spread into a "Rising Star!" ..much better than Astro/Psyche! WOW! LOL!!! See now I'm all high again ..and have to go calm down ..again!!! LOL!!!

This is how I'd number and interpret it now, (*GIVE ME BACK MY BOOK* LOL!) in light of this new layout and my 2nd thoughts ..ahem OK 3rd thoughts then.

1. moon sign / shadow (conflict of opposites) - A.
2. sun sign / persona (conflict of opposites) - A.
3. ascendant / Higher Truth (Transcendence of opposites) - C.
4. harmonising - (remembrance of truth) - B.
5. harmonising - (remembrance of truth) - B.
6. integration - (outcome of integration process) - C.
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