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OK well that's 6 people now which I reckon is a decent number for a group. And of course anyone else can join in, when they see how much fun we're having :-)

To begin with, maybe to get a 'feel' for each other, we could discuss briefly why this pack attracts - before we get into the cards and their meanings.

I was introduced to Greek myth when I was a boy, with my Dad reading me Jason and the Argonauts. I dont actually remember the scenario, but I do remember that's the way it happened. Then I bought a few simplified story-books, and really enjoyed them. "Are you reading up there? Get to sleep! " "Hehe...OK Mum". And I would carry on reading, under the bedclothes, because it was a great story!

More recently I've read some of Liz Greene's books, and I like her Jungian astrology. And when I looked at these cards....first, I found them artistically beautiful, which is important to me, and then secondly, they were symbolising those old, archetypal Greek tales and suggesting they have great psychological value. I agree - I think they do, and that's why the stories have survived, and continue to influence us, and provide story-lines for blockbuster movies ;-)
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