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Oh! Please may I join in!

My attraction to the deck...

As a 5 or 6 year old, I watched Jason and the Argonauts and to this day it's my top film of all time. I will never forget Talos, the protector of the treasure. I had a sudden impulse to jump up on to my dad's knee when Talos turned his head and came to life! (I had a similar issue with the Daleks in Dr Who).

Age 7 I went to Crete and was spell bound. Have returned to Greece on many holidays since.

I have been studying Tarot for about a year, but I have held an interest for around 20 years.

A friend recently encouraged me into my favourite "mumbo jumbo" shop (an affectionate term I use for my new interest!) where I found myself drawn to The Empress on the face of the deck.

I have since bought a deck, book and silk cloth set, so I now have a deck to study and a deck to work with.

I will be more than happy to join in here! I don't have a good knowledge of the myths yet but I would love to learn more. Can anyone recommend any good books? Maybe a good illustrated one?

BTW - nice to meet you all!

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