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Question tarot vs symbolon

By now, we should have taken a good long look at each archetype card. If you’re keeping a journal, it’s got a fair amount of insight and general notes by now. (Every person who writes about any self-development work suggests a journal. I’ve never done this until I started working with this deck… )

When we are starting work in a new system, it is a great help to relate members of the new system to members of the old system. You may have done this at one time or another when studying a new Tarot deck; comparing the image of the new deck to the image of a familiar one helps to reinforce the meanings of the new image. So you may have tried to equate a Symbolon Archetype to a Tarot card. What comparisons have you come up with??

First, you may have compared the Archetypes with certain of the Court cards. Since both are associated with zodiacal signs, this seems a valid consideration. The cards match up as follows (correspondences from ‘The Golden Dawn’ by Israel Regardie):

The Warrior Queen of Wands
The Lover Knight of Pentacles
The Mediator King of Swords
The Mother Queen of Cups
The Ego Knight of Wands
The Servitor King of Pentacles
The Partner Queen of Swords
The Seducer Knight of Cups
The Preacher King of Wands
The Master Queen of Pentacles
The Jester Knight of Swords
The Angel King of Cups

Then again, you may have tried the Major Arcana.

Dealing only with visual impressions, I make the following comparisons:

The Warrior--I’m not really sure about this one.
The Lover—this is an obvious Empress
The Mediator—the Magician, if anything
The Mother—the High Priestess
The Ego—the Emperor
The Servitor—I’m not sure about this one either
The Partner—the Lovers
The Seducer—the Devil
The Preacher—the Hierophant
The Master—the Hermit
The Jester—the Fool
The Angel—Temperance, the Star

I used another way to compare the Archetypes with the Majors. Along with visual impressions, there are the sign and planet each card is associated with—a mental impression so to say. According to the Golden Dawn System, each Major Arcana Card is associated with either a constellation or a planet. So I can assign TWO Major cards to each Archetype. Here’s the result:

The Warrior—the Emperor and the Tower
The Lover—the Hierophant and the Empress
The Mediator—the Lovers and the Magician
The Mother—the Chariot and the High Priestess
The Ego—Strength and the Sun
The Servitor—the Hermit and the Magician
The Partners—Justice and the Empress
The Seducer—Death and Judgment
The Preacher—Temperence and the Wheel
The Master—the Devil and the World
The Jester—the Star and the Fool
The Angel—the Moon and the Hanged Man

But it does not appear that there is a direct one-to-one corrosponce to the tarot cards… what do you think of all this?? Any insights ??

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