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i got this deck yesterday and am having a little difficulty w/ it. i had an unsettling experience while i was just shuffling and looking thru it while talking on the phone to my mother. i decided to draw 3 cards for a past, present, future spread. i drew:
1. the garden of spirits
2. deliverance
3. the queen

i mentally came up w/ my own meanings which ended up feeling more positive than what i read in the book. after i read the book i felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. my mother was telling me some distressing things. i think the deck tapped into my distress and told me what i was feeling. i tried to get off the phone shortly after that happened.

i have felt uncomfortable w/ looking at the deck since that happened. kind of like touching a hot stove. i think symbolon told me exactly what i needed to hear but i wasn't mentally prepared for it to be so da** direct!

if y'all can help me make sense of this, i would definitely appreciate it. i am familiar w/ astrology and the symbols so that does help w/ the deck.

1. i saw the garden of spirits as enjoying living in my own little world as i carry out the tasks of life.
2. deliverance i saw as being like rebirthing myself from the cosmic egg and approaching a new lifestyle.
3.the queen i wasn't entirely sure of. i read it as a selfcentered, organized person who wants to be in control of things. i don't really see myself like that. my mother is somewhat like that.

the way i read the cards:
1. garden of spirits:i am hiding from reality and have become a passive rather than active force in my life.
2.deliverance-it's time to finish pecking away the shell. i know an old way of life can no longer be. i can't turned back now.
3. the queen:i realize i'm not in charge anymore but dependent on others. i behave in a friendly humble manner.

it doesn't bother me as much now but at the moment it sure hit my achilles tendon. do you see anything else here? thanks!!
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