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Re: toc

[QUOTE- the cards (persons)
- the major arcana 1-12
- the middle arcana 13-33
- the minor arcana 34-78
- spreads (12 of them)

i notice in this book they divide the deck in 3 arcana's, and steve you mentioned 2, how is this in your lwb?

can one of you please provide me with a list of the names of the english cards? yep, that's typing up 78 titles of cards

kaz [/B][/QUOTE]

the major arcana are the 12 archetypes.

the middle arcana are cards with The Mother and/or The Ego as one of their generating archetypes (sun and moon cards--yin/yang##more on this later##)12

the minor arcana are the others

i'll work on the titles shortly. ###merry already typed these###

can you give a quick run down on the speads?

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