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Hi Truthsayer

I really hope that you can bond with your deck and become comfortable using it, and that you'll participate in the study. I also found the directness and accuracy of a couple of my readings with this deck to be a little disconcerting at first, (it felt like it was telling me MORE than I wanted or was asking to know!) ..mostly though I just feel a little over elated. The cards are so evocative ..and the accuracy constantly has me saying big WOW!!!'S ..I just can't help but get excited when they speak my truth to me so clearly!

Maybe you have just found your namesake deck!

Steve; I made pretty much the same associations you did on the visual basis with the addition of seeing a possible chariot/warrior and servitor/strength connection.

I've been trying to avoid thinking about making any direct correspondences with tarot though. In time I think that could add depth to the interpretative value of the cards ..but first I want to try and build a rapport with this deck on a more intuitive level ..without being biased by the tarot meanings. I think I'd find that harder to do if I were to make that link.

I am so in love with your star layout Steve ..I think it will become my favorite all time layout ..I love to bring my readings full circle in one way or another ..and this layout does that exquisitely! I couldn't bear for it to just be wasted on a once in a lifetime birth chart spread have also adapted it for general readings ..and I have to say another big WOW! at the accuracy factor here.

I just lay it out numbered in the same way as before ..except this time, taking the cards from the shuffled deck. I've found it excellent to highlight what the issue or influence is; (cards 1 + 2) ..the solution; (card 3 @ the apex) ..the path to the solution; (cards 4 + 5) and the outcome; (card 6 @ the lower apex) I then place the deck face down in the middle of the star ..and will later draw an added insight card ..if I feel the need.
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