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Cool Raidho-Jera

I got to contemplating…in our modern, enlightened world, we hold to the Copernican theory that the earth rotates around the sun. On July 4, 2002, the earth is in the same place it was (spatially) in 2001.

This may be so astronomically, but that is about it.

I am not ‘in the same space’ as I was one year ago, and although the sun rises and sets, today is not the same as yesterday.

There is a spiral to change (Raidho). We are in the same day, in the same season, but we have journeyed since.

Jera is referencing the seasonal change (and the gifts/rewards for actions which acknowledge that cycle); Raidho references our path through the times.

The wheels turning within the wheels. It helps to realize that our linier concept of time and space is a lovely human invention.

For the purists out there, sure Copernicus was right. However, to this day with all of our wonderful computers and gigs and bits, we still use the Ptolemaic system for navigation. Sure, the sun may be the center of the solar system, but if you are out to sea with a timepiece, sextant, and compass, it does not help. You must have the earth at the center.

Doubters are referenced to “American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)” by Nathaniel Bowditch.
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