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Talking a little energy

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Before we move on and play around with the ‘minor’ cards, there’s one thing I’d like to point out about the archetypes. Separate out the archetypes from the rest of the cards. Make two columns from these. The left-hand column will be The Lover, The Mother, The Servitor, The Seducer, The Master, The Angel; the right-hand column will be The Warrior, The Mediator, The Ego, The Partner, The Preacher, and The Jester.

If we look at the cards in the left-hand column, all have their zodiacal glyph at the left top. Likewise, the right-hand column has theirs on the right. I am paralleling this to the left/right hand pillars of the kabalistic tree of life. So we will call the energy of the left-hand column ‘female’ and that of the right-hand column ‘male’.

Mercury and Venus both rule two signs. Venus rule Taurus and Libra, while Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. The Lover and The Partner are the archetypes associated with Venus; The Mediator and The Servitor are those under Mercury. Notice that these pairs have one male and one female card. This balances out the effects of these two.

Let’s consider the creation of the ‘minor’ cards. Since they are the synthesis of two archetypes, the energy orientation of these cards depends on the type of energy of the two archetypes from which it is created.

There are three different possible energy equations:.

1. male + male = male
2. female + female = female
3. male + female = balanced

I use the term ‘balanced’ rather than something like ‘neutral’. In this way, Symbolon mirrors the tree of life which has three pillars: the male to the right; the female to the left; and the pillar of balance in the center.

So, for a while consider the ‘addition’ of two archetypes and the energy of the resulting card. Are there any that don’t make sense to you?

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