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Cool seeing stars

We can use the Symbolon deck to create a natal ‘chart’ of sorts. Each planetary positioning can be represented by a combination of two archetypes, as follows:

Sun card = sun sign card + the Ego

Moon card = moon sign card + the Mother

Mercury card = mercury sign card + the Mediator

Venus card = venus sign card + the Lover

Mars card = mars sign card + the Warrior

Jupiter card = Jupiter sign card + the Preacher

Saturn card = Saturn sign card + the Master

Neptune card = Neptune sign card + the Angel

Uranus card = Uranus sign card + the Jester

Pluto card = Pluto sign + the Seducer

For example, if you had your moon in Virgo, you would combine the Servitor with the Mother. The resulting card would be entitled ‘CARING’

You may have noticed that there are two archetypes designated to venus and two designated to mercury. Of the two for Venus, I feel the Lover to be a better card than the Partner to represent the planet. Likewise, I feel the Mediator to better symbolize Mercury than the Servitor. What then do the Partner and the Servitor represent?

I feel the Partner to represent the ascendent (it is in a way, the partner to the sun sign) and the Servitor to represent the moon’s node (the north one I think. Anyone with a good working knowledge of astrology out there? Does this seem right?)

So to complete the aspects that Symbolon can depict, we have:

Ascendent card = ascendent sign + the Partner

Moon’s node = moon’s node sign + the Servitor

If a planet happens to be in it’s own sign, the archetype itself is the planet’s card. For example: if Saturn fell in Capricorn, the card for Saturn would be the Master.

For the moment, ‘chart’ out your cards. Examine the images one by one. Read the theme summary about each one Lay them all out and look at them as a visual group. What are your impressions? Write them down.

Is there any particular way of examining them that you have discovered? If so, what does it mean to you?

Play around with them for a while

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