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Steve; I'm gonna have a go at these exercises over the weekend. I like the idea of the energies being able to be distinguished in this way into 3 distinct categories's an interesting concept to play about with. Would you then apply this way of thinking to the interpretative value you'd place on the cards? e.g. as to whether a more passive or active role/influence was being called for? ..also, what significance would you attach to a reading which was dominated by one particular energy? (ok, not sure how to articulate exactly what I'm trying to ask here ..but basically would you apply the principle?).

I've been using the 'Rising Star' spread for my brother and my friend. I found it a little unsettling to see just how close to the mark it can actually be at touching on a major life issue. I was also amazed to find that my son, who is a Gemini the same as me, in fact had all 3 major cards, ( moon, sun, ascendant,) the same as mine ..and in the same order. I wonder what are the chances of that happening?!

I guess when I do the birth chart exercise, I'll apply the particular card meaning to the context of the house it relates to if I have moon in virgo.. 'caring' ..I'd then apply that to a social interaction/relationship context if virgo is in my 7th house.

The last couple of days I've just been enjoying playing with the cards and getting to know them (..and myself ) a lot better. I am soooo bonded with my deck, ...after all these years of searching for the elusive perfect working deck, I think I've finally found it! ..I can picture us growing old together!
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