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Lightbulb catch a falling star...

merri (and everyone else)--

i just woke up with this one (this deck has got me working overtime!!) :

the two planetary considerations are the sign a planet falls in and the house a planet falls in. this gives us three factors: the planet, its sign and its house. if we take the cards representing these three, we can set them on your star.

the planet card at the top of the upright triangle, its sign on the left bottom, its house on the bottom right ( i don't know that it matters which side these two cards are on--either way'll give you a star... c'mon guys, it's early and i'm having my first cup of coffee )

generate the other triangle and voila-- you have a star for the planet. i think this'll be a 'complete' look at each planet.

for example: venus in sagittarius/ fourth house

planet triangle (apex up)

top card-- the lover
bottom left-- the preacher
bottom right-- the mother

derived triangle (apex down)

top left-- matter and spirit
top right-- the two faces of eve
bottom card-- mnemosyne

you gotta love this deck

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