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Caritas and Judgement.

Within Augustinian theology we are all irredeemedialiray contanminated by orignal sin; as such we are all condemned to hell. Good works and personal virtue just doesn't cut it, our salvation lies not in our personal good works but upon the love, grace, mercy of God. Thus the connection with caritas/judgement. In Ausugustinian theology salvation is dependent upon the love, grace or caritas of God. The notion of 'Judgement' is not related to any idea of the 'harshness' of God', but upon his grace, love and mercy that we are salvationable at all and deserve anything other than hell. God's judgement therefore, in Augustinian theology, is the ultimate exemplar of God's mercy and love and forgiveness [caritas].

In the first rank of seven cards we have wisdom and faith. Wisdom, as 'reason', can only take us so far, it is totally unable to fathom the mysteries of the Godhead, which we must take on faith. At the same time, wisdom is the foundation upon which temporal, mortal virtue is founded. It is the root of civic and secular [pre-christian, according to christians, but founded in pagan Orphic theology] concepts of virtue.

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