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Mythic Study - Page of Pentacles

Well....I see a lot of folks are willing to participate in a study group but are hanging back. Someone has to be The Fool and get things started. I volunteer.

I shuffled my Mystic deck and drew the Page of Pentacles. I think that's a great omen for this group. Here's a guy (Triptolemus) who wants to learn about this-world stuff. He's young, he's open.

My booklet tells me that

"When the Page of Pentacles appears in a spread, it marks the gathering together of energy which can eventually be used for building things in the world and for fulfilling the needs of the body...."

I dragged out my "Bullfinche's Mythology" and it has this to say about the character Triptolemus:

Son of Celeus and Metanira, whose kindness to Ceres, bewailing the loss of her daughter, Proserpine, was rewarded by the goddess through a gift to Triptolemus who became the teacher of men in the use of the plough. He founded her worship in Eleusis.


Very little is more important to modern society than the ability to produce crops via the plow. It is inevitable that hunting/gathering societies can only go so far. Thus, this card portends and tells us how the very foundations of civilization, wealth, etc can be laid.

When looking at the card, I see all of the plowed fields behind Trip. But his crops are just sprouting. He has a good start. But fruition will need to wait until another card.
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