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Well, I started this group and then did nothing for a while, so maybe I should explain that a little. Basically, I realised I dont have the time to really initiate stuff. My participation is more likely to be based on reading what others say, with the Mythic Tarot.

But I'm glad a large number of people are interested in this lovely deck.

Page of P:

Yes it is reverential, isn't it? I wondered if it might be self-protective - one of the rider-Waite cards is like that (forget which one) - holding an object over the chest, for self-protection. But I think this is reverential - and interesting, that we can detect this kind of body language in cartoon-type art.

Interesting that historically and culturally, agriculture is one of the core parts of human survival. And as part of Nature, we've been abusing it with chemicals, land-clearance and GM technology. So maybe this is a 'green' card.

I agree that country values tend to be generational.
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