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Sakki-sakki: The Hermit

The Hermit is always one of those cards that I look at first in a deck. It is for some reason important to me that I like the Hermit in a deck.

And this is some Hermit! WOW! It is one of my favourite cards in the deck.

He looks as if he's made out of the rocks around him: solid stone. But he absolutely isn't, I mean: look at those shoes! For me, it says something about what's found inside that matters in this card: that Hermit must be hiding some pretty fancy outfit underneath that rock-robe...

I had this card in a reading once, and his shoes reminded me about that the spiritual path doesn't have to be always dead-serious, that it can be frivolous as well. That a walk, listening to some loved music or eating good food with care and attention can be as good for your soul as meditating, or delving endlessly deep into your tarot cards until you don't know what's left, right or centre. Frivolousness is allowed too!

What are your thoughts and expierences with this card?
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