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I am glad you enjoyed Folengo's sonnet

It seems to me that two interesting hypotheses can be made:

1) There really is a connection between Folengo's work and the Bologna 1750 document. In this case, divination is a direct derivation of tarocchi appropriati. I agree with Helvetica: for the learned aristocrats that were the first Tarocchi aficionados in the Renaissence, there were no fixed boxes. Still I think this hypotesis is not very likely, since the time gap between the two documents is too wide.

2) Folengo's procedure for writing Tarot sonnets and the Bologna divination procedure are similar because they both derive from card playing. Bologna is a place where tarocchi are still used for playing. I guess in 1750 playing tarocchi was quite common in Bologna.

If one of these hypotheses is true, and we can assume that the first known tarot divination procedure required the presence of five person each of which received seven cards, the original practice included more than a reader and a questioner. I assume the spirit of it was quite informal, with people discussing about each other's cards. Probably it all felt very much like a game, nothing to do with the serious, occult, initiated approach of post-De Gebelin tarot!

Originally Posted by Helvetica
We might try and rediscover this way of thinking and acting - to our great joy - as a remedy against our mal du siècle...
Helvetica, I don't think I am up to this, but if you have tarocchi appropriati with your friends, please let me know the results of it!

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