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Teofilo Folengo 1527

I found a page where one of the sonnets by Folengo is quoted.
This aritcle is of the greatest interest. Here is an english translation of the sonnet where I inserted the number of the Trionfi when they are mentioned:

Love (6), under whose Empire (4) many deeds
go without Time (9) and without Fortune (10),
saw ugly and dark Death (13) on a Chariot (7),
going between the people it took away from the World (21).

Death said: no Pope (5) nor Papesse (2) was ever won
by you. Do you call this Justice (8)?
Love answered: Him who made the Sun (19) and the Moon (18)
defended them from my Strength (11).

You are a Fool (0), continued Love, my Fire (16),
that can appear as an Angel (20) or as a Devil (15),
can be Tempered (14) by those who live under my Star (17).

Your are the Empress (3) of bodies. But you cannot kill hearts,
you only Suspend (12) them. You have a name of high Fame,
but you are nothing but a Trickster (1).

Thank you for this intriguing, significant Petrachan sonnet. Important to this is the incorporating of all the major arcana into a philosophical, meditative poem -- the images are obviously taken profoundly seriously as they support a dialogue between Love and Death. The use of Temperance as symbol of the balance between angelic love and devilish love is notable. Most importantly, here all the major arcana are metaphors for spiritual ideas that hold together in the poem's integrating pattern of meaning. Again, thanks for the research and the translation.
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