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This is my favourite card in the deck. Dionysos, the divine madman, the inspired god of theatre and creative inspiration (where Apollo would be the god of creative endeavour and more rational realisation), the ecstatic. Twice-born, so eternally renewed and rejuvenated, some of his story of death and resurrection served as model to the Christian myth.

We can follow his trace throughout history - he inspired all Greek Tragedy, the founding public art of the West, he whispered his lines to Racine, he is peripatetic Troubadour, Milton's Comus, Arthur Rimbaud, Jack Kerouac, Kurt Cobain...he breathes in every creative crazy genius, drunk, traveller, dancer. He has no ties but his own non-existent wings and his direct link to the gods.

We see him here, the ever-youthful god, crowned with ivy - the poor man's laurel and the symbol of Greek Theatre. He wears animal skins, whatever he could hunt or scavenge, but they adorn him better than purple does a king. The eagle above his head sits on a branch, watchful but unmoving - the Fool will have to soar with the strength and belief of his heart - but perhaps, just perhaps, as he steps off, the eagle will fly and rescue him, one more time, from his inspired and joyous folly and set him on his feet, on the road below.

The path below winds through mountains towards the sun. Reminds me of On the Road.

Is he at the beginning of the deck? I see him everywhere and nowhere. The Walker between the Worlds of inspiration and daily life, of craziness and normality, of drink and sobriety, of sexual ecstasy and abstinence, of debauch and temperance, between heaven and hell - if such categories existed for him - they do not, which is why he exists in-between.
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