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Dancing on the edge

Interesting that Daizy saw the cave prior to the figure.

I definetly focus on the dancing fool. He is dancing on the edge, perhaps a silly thing to do. But who doesn't like risks? There's a little Evel Kineval in all of us (I hope). His body language is very optimistic to me. And he's totally unemcumbered by "stuff"....even more so that other deck's Fools who might carry at least a little sack. This Fool embodies not only risk for me but spontinaety (sp?). He's the impulse of the moment. He's that time when we were sitting around at a restaurant at 10PM and decided we'd drive from LA to San Francisco right then (oh to be young again). He's the perpetual youth in even old folks like me. Here's my list of keywords for the guy himself:

don't care what the neighbor's say
trips (both mental and physical) of discovery (versus going to visit the relatives for the ump-teenth time)
peter pan (not always a good thing)
no goal - moving for the sake of moving
play and games
lack of depth and learning

I thought everyone had wonderful insights and provided me with lots of stuff to ponder.

The other thing that pops out to me is this guy's enviornment. It's pretty barren. He may be eating those grape leaves on his head before the day is out. But there is water and the sun seems to be rising, so it should be OK.

Note: I too read the leaves on his head as ivy at first, but if he's Dionysos they pretty well have to be grape leaves.

When I read my Mythic Tarot book, it points out his goat's horns. Boy, I sure missed that!!

I find a lot of comedy in this card. It feels like this guy has the ability to laugh at himself and his environment. IMHO, humor often drives a point home far better than dour "thou shalt" type of teaching. In our culture, late night comics are probably as influential as heavyweight pundits.
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