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My set is almost complete, but I have to say that the male stone is very male.
It is a piece of quartz with a stone top...a stone termination. So it is very phallic. It almost seems too strong for the set, but I can't give it up! It just fits somehow, even tho it is strong. It's called Sceptre Quartz.

My Chaos/Center stone is black and I don't know the material. Some kind of ore, probably iron ore, that has been vulcanized because it is smooth, so maybe some lava....

Imagemaker, I know what you mean about creating a new set that is very unique and personal to you. I have lots of stones around now and wonder just what is up with this new collection of mine...the crystal/stone collection. As in why am I getting so many little bits and bots of things....I can't seem to resist tho. And I have several carved animals that are crystal or stone.

Anyhow, Chronata, did you try to keep your lithomancy items smallish?
Because my pieces are rangeing in size from large to small, but they seem to be in scale to one another....does it matter?
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