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Mythic Study - The Magician

I don't know about everybody else, but I got SO many innovative and interesting insights from the postings about the Fool. You guys are better than any book and I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

I'm raring to go on a new card - The Magician
How I see the card and what it means to me

I see a figure at a crossroad who is using a natural stone as an altar for his magical implements. His left hand is raised to receive energy from the heavens while his right hand directs this energy toward the earth. His bright read cloak stands out against the barren landscape.

To me, this set of images denotes the ability to select the right path (from the crossroad) by using our natural, intuitive magic (the rough stone altar). The well known magical implements (cup, etc.) help us deal with a choice that must be made. The raised and lowered hands indicate our empowerment to choose and to ground the energies we deal with. I see the red cloak as happy, forceful and protective. The flame on the staff will light the way when it gets dark.

After looking at this card, I realized that the majors in this deck are not numbered. I wonder why. Does anyone know?

Book meaning - this is the god Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia. He is the guide and trickster. He taught mankind divination.

I'm continuing in the tradition of Daizy, who gave us his personal meaning first. So cool. I can't wait to hear from ya'll!!
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