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Here's more on personalities of stones....

Water...water people, for the most part, are emotional, dreamy, and empathic. They are artists or poets or musicians...but many people never know this because they veiw art as a cathartic release or as an escape. Water people are also spiritual in some way...not necessarily religious, but they love rituals and traditions. They are often quiet, moody and caring. They tend to live somewhere where there is water...a lake, or stream, or ocean. Music affects water people very strongly and they almost have their own soundtrack for every aspect of their lives. Water people appear wise and knowledgable...but it might be just because they are such good listeners. people are instigators. they like to start things...whether projects or fights...but they don't often have the stability to see things through to the end. They are fabulous at comming up with new ideas, creative concepts and inspirations, but the fire burns out quickly, and they get restless and bored and move on elsewhere. Fire people like the idea of revenge. They have tempers that flare...but once the initial emotion is out, they can forget what made them so angry in the first place. Fire people tend to be artists too...but unlike water creators...they love to show off their work, and try to make money from it. people are stable, loyal and the kind of folk that don't like change. You can rely on them for lots of things...especially money. They seem to have a knack for money...or at least richness in their lives, but they are too humble to call it luxury. Earth people can hold grudges forever. They never ever forget. They also tend to hold on to things...being collectors of antiques, and collectable stuff. they love history, memoribilia and anything that could be considered a wise investment. They love outdoors, children and animals.

Air...air people are the logical, intellectual, organized and often obsessive compulsives. They love detecting things, figuring out puzzles, word games and anything that challenges their mind. They are great with words, communications, and writing. They make excellent secretaries...except they like working for themselves, rather than other people. Curious, and intellegent, they often have a streak of brutal honesty, and they rarely turn down a chance to debate. most of them have an arrogance in thier quick wittedness, and a membership to MENSA.

Just as a note....Air has been the least chosen stone most of the time...and Fire and Water are chosen most often...and a lot of times together, which shows a nice balance.

Spring...Spring people know how to have fun. They have a childlike wonder about to give birth to new projects (but don't always like to finish them!) They can easily balance work and play, and have an inate wisdom, that usually goes far beyond thier years or experiences. They also have a heightened sense of smell...and would be good at aromatherapy practices.

Summer....Summer people are adventurers. They are often Romantics, who have thier own rich fantasy world to draw creative inspiration from. Summer people take many risks throughout thier lives, but sometimes have a tendancy to live in the past.To them, the journey is often more important the final goal. They are often very aware of the environment, and how to preserve it. And they have a heightened sense of Hearing...they can often hear higher frequencies, or hear what has not been spoken.

Autumn....Autumn people are deliberate and have great attention to detail. They are hard workers, who try to finish everything they start, and to reap what the sow. Though some can be impatient and frustrate easily trying to achieve perfection. They are very generous people, who give much of themselves. They have a heightened sense of sight...with an artistic flair for color and design, and usually fashion as well. Autumn people love to entertain others.

Winter....Winter people are chameleons. They can easily adapt to almost any situation. These are people who really "Go with the Flow", becomming whatever they need to become. They are great mediators, bringing opposites into harmony, but they can also be stubborn, and unmovable when they want to be. They are usually good at things requiring physical dexterity, and they are very aware of the limits 9if there are any) of thier bodies. They can hide thier true natures from even thier closest friends, putting on a happy face at all times. When it comes to senses, they have taste and touch, loving all kinds of subtlty in foods and wines, and they appreciate things that are very tactile.

Next up...I will give you a few thoughts on what combinations of stones can tell you about a person!
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