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I love this card! The Magician reminds me of a character who walks in a room and his presence demands attention. Witty, charming, clever, bold, he’ll give you a choice and say, “should you or should you not” with a mischievous grin and a sly look in his eye.

You don’t know whether to trust him or not but you sense underneath, his intentions are sincere. That’s the impression his garments leave me with. The red outer garment – fiery, passionate, powerful…and underneath, the white garment, pure and innocent. The white tames the red so that it's not overbearing.

The Fool to me doesn’t know what he’s doing or where he’s going but the Magician knows very well where he’s headed. I love the way the book describes how we encounter the Magician. Always unexpected, that spark of an idea, or making a decision not on past experience but on intuition, like, “something just tells me I should do this” type thinking.

This is a great card….
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