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Just wanted to add a few more thoughts...

I thought it odd that the image of him is so young looking but I was reading, "The Complete World of Greek Mythology" written by Richard Buxton and on two occassions he disguised himself as a young man to Priam, king of Troy and to Kalypso, a goddess. I wonder if that is why he is portrayed as a young man on the card?

The same book also says he lacks the capacity for brute force, he resorts to guile, craft and that his trademark symbol is a staff, a non-aggressive weapon which he uses to beguile mortals.

With the same barren landscape as in the Fool's card, I can just see the Fool in my mind's eye, blindly going down his path, coming to a crossroads not knowing which direction to take and a fiery, passionate young man appears to him showing him mischievously the way to go...

I understand even more how the Magician works in us. It's that intuitive feeling we have when we are faced with a decision as to which way to go. It's sudden, unexpected, a solution that hits us out of the's that gut feeling we have when the answers are unclear but we just sense that this or that direction is the one....

I really liked the way Wizzle put it, "thrust into being", and Theredfox, "tension between energy and form". I think that really sums up what the Magician is....
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