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Off colour?
A bit more than that.
I expect you can find out all about it if you hunt about on the net.

Incest, porn, drugs, homosexuality....

Not that I think homosexuality is wong, but at the time it was a crime punishable by prison. A fate suffered by the enigma guy. Alan Turring? Shocking really, we'd all be saluting Hitler if it wern't for him.

Not that I am anti drugs either, in my mind a persons personal choices should be nobodys business but their own, but unfortunatley that is still a crime.

Nowt wrong with porn either, particularly.

But I digress.
It is a fact that the royal family are, were and will be a bunch of debauched libertines. I am amazed the press kept it quiet from the public.
But they did.

Try and dig it out, you'll find it somewhere.
Laugh? I almost wept!
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