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Mythic Study - The Empress

The Empress has come up many times in readings I’ve done for myself. Due to my lack of knowledge, it’s always made me a bit nervous. When she appears, I always think, OMG! He’s got a girl on the side and she’s pregnant! Or, OMG! He has a secret family or he has some attachment to his mother and can’t let go! LOL! Or, OMG! I’m going to get pregnant! LOL (I wonder which card represents jumping to conclusions) Anyway, I understand now that she means much more….

Without her we cannot appreciate our physical selves, but live disconnected in a purely intellectual world without any grounding or respect for reality. - The Mythic Tarot
To me, the Empress teaches the Fool to respect his own body and mind and without care and nurturing it becomes stagnant….barren… He learns from her that he cannot continually go through life with his head in the clouds and leaping off cliffs; if he did, we’d only have a partial deck, he’d kill himself before he ever reached the card of the World! I think she also teaches him that there is a time for everything. As the book states, “Things move in cycles and ripen at the appropriate time.” Be it relationships, ourselves, creative ideas….they all need care and nurturing to become something meaningful and fulfilling…..
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