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Originally Posted by Ross G Caldwell
Please "be without mercy" - whatever you think that means. Do what thou wilt. But if you act that way with normal people, I expect the stronger ones will quickly prove more merciless than you, and you will have to rethink your interpretation of that verse.
I whole-heartedly disagree with this sentiment on two levels - first that one's will is so fickle as to be changeable by interpretation, and secondly that pain should be any kind of obstacle in the serving of one's will.

Anyway I never understood the book of the law to be a code of conduct at all (referring back to the "be without mercy"). I see it as merely describing the world in which we live, and the entirely selfish transactions which take place between its citizens. I think that it's an honest account of 'the way it is'.

Oh, and back on-topic - Crowley was just fantastic!

(ps hello from me... first post etc etc - sry it's in reply to a three week-old post)
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