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Ah - I think I've misunderstood some of the exchanges that have gone on here... It wasn't my intention to defend or attack the idea of sytemised cruelty. Babylon_Jasmine raised this as one interpretation of the BOTL, but like I say that doesn't match my own interpretation.
Originally Posted by Ross G Caldwell
As for pain being an obstacle, it depends on the degree of pain. You have to push it for any real growth ("no pain no gain"), but if you've made it to adulthood, you've proven that you know how to avoid the extremes that might prove fatal.
Or you've been looked-after by smarter types... or maybe you've just been lucky...
Originally Posted by Ross G Caldwell
I have many times wished to jump off a cliff or balcony, and been held back by the belief that I would crash to the ground rather than fly, as I really wish to do. Do you think that is a weakness of my Will, or that it is good knowledge that I'm not built for flying, and a mature respect of the person nature gave me?
But then surely we enter immediately into debate on what is meant by 'will'. To me, this urge to fly is whimsical and nothing to do with will at all. Your will would see you survive rather than perish needlessly so you ARE following your will by not throwing yourself off a cliff.
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