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no reversals

I don't use reversals because:

1. I started with the Thoth deck which does not use reversals
2. I bought the Mythic deck because I am very much influenced by Liz Greene and her thoughts on astrology.

This last influence is probably paramount for me. Astrologers can't "reverse" planets. Instead, each planet holds the sum positive and negative meanings for the archetype as a whole. There is no need for reversals if this same theory is applied to tarot cards. Each card shows both the up- and down-sides of the archetype. I use the adjoining cards to determine whether the card is more positive or negative.

I guess the Thoth folks did that too, with the dignities. It just seemed natural to me.

The book which accompanies the Mythic deck reads very much like Liz Greene's astro texts. No card is exclusively good or bad.
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