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Small and Low Key

I'm glad you still want to go through with the study group. Small can be good sometimes, and we'll certainly be able to keep things low-key. I mentioned in another thread that my MS is in a bad flare.

I started on a 5 day course of IV steroids (usually it's only 3, so the 5 day thing was a surprise) today in the outpatient chemo department at the hospital, and will go each day around noon my time until Tuesday. While they make me high as a kite and give me a surge of energy, I have to be careful not to overdo while feeling so good. So, we can certainly start up this week, but if you want to wait until next week that's OK too. I come down from the high doses over a two-week tapering period with oral's easier on my body that way.

We can talk about how we want to arrange things. I don't mind doing the research and posting things for discussion so long as I get replies! At the same time, I prefer a more collaborative working style, and am not going for a power grab here either. Let's look at the book and toss out some ideas.

I do have an excellent reference on the Celtic Tree Ogham, and we could start exploring there, or we can take the introductory material "in order" a small chunk at a time while working our way through the cards.

Let the brainstorming begin!!!


PS...if some of my posts over the next week sound like I'm a blabbering chatterbox, it's the meds...does it to me every time. Just give me a gentle knock upside the head and say, "Shhh!"
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