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Cool Rune Study Group: Perthro

"perth-row" (P: Lot cup, vagina.) Looks like an angular letter C (or a dice-cup on its side).

The lot cup. The embodiment of the 3-Norns. Fellowship, joy, good luck.
Secret to be revealed. Sudden monetary gain. It's from the lot cup, that the dice are rolled (from the vagina comes, birth). But nothing occurs if you don't roll the dice. So, roll the dice. If you do not play, there is no luck. Great men create their own luck...Through action. The time is right. Recovery of health.

It is said that the Teutonic/Norse peoples loved to gamble for whatever the stakes may be/have been. We think of the Norsemen going forth to battle to die, while laughing, for it was ‘luck’ and ‘fate’, which prevailed.

This is the rune of divination (casting lots, casting runes). The concept of Urdhr-Verdhandi-Skuld (that which has become-that which is-that which is to be coming [the Three Norns]) is seen as a web that precludes accidental or happenstance events. The act of casting the runes is to attempt to reach an awareness of the workings of Urdhr (Anglo-Saxon version Wyrd from which we obtain the word weird).

The Teutonic/Norse peoples did not see time as linear progression of past present future as we now see it. Rather, the past is close and alive, the present is simply a fleeting illusion based on that which has become. The past present future exists not as a three fold Roman concept, but as a two-fold concept.

“That which is”, is everything that has ever happened, and “That which is becoming”. This is not to be viewed as a linear concept.

Understanding time concepts is critical in the understanding and use of Runes.

Pertains to things feminine, feminine mysteries including female fertility, and vagina.

As a Merkstave; addiction, stagnation, loneliness…do not loan money.

As a person; a Musician or Entertainer
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