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Hey Daizy,

Glad you started on a new card.

Like you, I don't see this emperor about kindness and compassion. He is all about ruling from his throne in the mountain tops. Maybe this isn't such a good thing...sort of like being in an ivory tower. But I wouldn't want to be in opposition to this character. If he says it's so, it's so. Thus, I'd associate this card with rules and authority figures in a very real sense. I feel this is authority in the very practical sense....not in the sense of "justice." What goes, goes. Might makes right. However, since the Emperor is sitting, he is not actively bashing anyone, he's just in the seat of power. Worldly and intellectual power would be my keywords for the card.

Regarding your inability to see movement and action, I agree to some degree. He is not movement in the sense that the Chariot indicates movement. But he holds his lightening bolts and has the eagle on his shoulder. He can command movement and obedience from the eagle. And he can hurl the lightening bolts if needed. So perhaps the movement is not via the Emperor himself, but his adherents, servants, etc.

I also feel in this card both inherent and moral authority. The Emperor may have bashed his way to the top, but he can sit back because he is entitled to be where he is. He has not only his own power behind him, but the weight of those who perpetuate his rule, thus, society itself.
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