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mmm...good point

There was a sense of immaturity and naiveté about her. That stood out to me for some reason. I was wondering if there was some significance to that and how it might relate to this card, but I haven't come up with anything. The High Priestess doesn’t strike me as someone being so young and naïve.
I hadn't thought about that, but I'll agree that I never thought of her as naïve. Or perhaps that the process of her transformation into Hades queen (by eating the pomegranete) was part of that transformation.

I see her as that figure between two worlds. The earth behind her (the book points out that it is the landscape of the Empress card) and the Underworld before her. Between the black and the white (columns), she stands suspended between all. She posesses the secrets of the Underworld, never to divulge them to the upper world. A priestess who possesses knowledge, but knows what can be told and what to whom only. The rest must remain secret (or told only to those prepared for it).

Note also that she holds the fruit of the Underworld in one hand (up) and the flowers (narcissus) of the earth in the other (downward).
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