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Originally Posted by Mimers
I see a dream catcher blocking us from the distorting forces of the moon. There is fog all around. The feathers lay on top of the dream catcher all pointing to the center. The feathers all look ruffled, yet they all manage to come to a point at the center of the moon and the dream catcher.
A Dream Catcher! Fascinating. What is a dream catcher? Is this what it really looks like?

I agree that there is what we see can look like a spun web - with the spiraling circles intersected with radians. It also resembles somewhat the waves of radio diffusion , or even water. Or -- the structure of a feather. Remember discovering as a child, how a feather, like a leaf -- is made up of little tiny feather strands all tight together, and that each one of those strands is also made of up strands... everything interconnected, and getting smaller and smaller -- with each smaller part an imitation of the whole larger part.
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